Interview in 'Do it Ourselves' by Jeroen Junte

Today, the new book "Do it Ourselves - A New Mentality In Design" has launched. Each chapter is introduced by a thought leader on the subject, and I was interviewed to introduct the chapter "Beyond Green".

About the book

In recent years, Dutch Design has sharply diverged from its previous course. A generation of designers trained in and shaped by the crisis years chose new values and starting points. The focus is now on inquisitive and collaborative makers who strive for social relevance and, if possible, impact. This ‘post-crisis generation’ is committed and optimistic, but also pragmatic and in possession of an eye for beauty. Humour and the almost inescapable concept have been exchanged for engagement and free research and irony and contemplative criticism for open-mindedness and the will to act. Craftsmanship and local production are examined as realistic alternatives to deadlocked systems of production and distribution. In addition to art and design, science, technology, social studies and politics are also seen as design arenas. In short, the latest generation of designers is looking to substantiate the content of the profession and make positive contributions to social issues.

Well-known design writer Jeroen Junte is the first to describe this new stage in the development of the widely acclaimed Dutch Design, by way of surprising, innovative, astonishing projects and products.

More information on the website of nai010 Publishers

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