Dutch Design Week 2018

I am happy to invite you to Dutch Design Week 2018! You can see my work in four different exhibitions. The first three are conveniently located in the same location: VEEM building at Strijp S. Never before shown in the Netherlands, Future Remnants is shown as part of Dutch Invertuals: Mutant Matter. Future Remnants research is shown at the New Material Award exhibition, for which the project was nominated. The next step in the Future Remnants research is shown at Crafts Council NL, and is the result from the Making&Metal course by Smederij Cornelis Pronk. Last but not least, my new project RETREAT is shown at Dutch Invertuals TAKE AWAY, at their usual DDW location Fuutlaan.


Dutch Invertuals


Fuutlaan 12b, EDHV Studio


Mankind is reaching its outer limits of physical expansion. The world’s population is skyrocketing at a staggering pace, virtually every modern technology has been invented, and the consumption of non-essentials has become a part of our daily lives.

While it has always been in our human nature to strive for “more”, the design collective Dutch Invertuals offers experimental design concepts on shifting it to “less”, investigating what it means to “take away”.


As the impact of accelerating climate change is slowly revealing itself, we are confronted with how deeply our cultural identity is intertwined with the landscape. Imminent drastic alterations to the way we live cause profound feelings of unease, sadness, and detachment. Losing land to sea, losing ice to the sun, losing animals to history — how do we deal with this new notion of ecological grief?
RETREAT is a research into finding new ritualistic ways to preserve the landscape, offering actions, methods, and artifacts that help us deal with the emotions resulting from the changing relationship we have with our environment as the result of global warming.

Dutch Invertuals

Mutant Matter

VEEM, 3rd floor


Humankind used to take the materials of nature offered and make them into something new. Now, there’s a new stage in the cycle, as nature takes human materials and transforms them once more. The making materials of today become the mined resources of tomorrow. Plastics are written into the fossil record. Industrial waste streams decay into intriguing new substances. We have entered the Anthropocene era – a new geological age where human making has realigned the processes of nature, forever blurring the boundaries between the natural and the man-made.

Future Remnants

Research into the influence of man on the evolution of new minerals and materials. The project shows the reaction of metals to ordinary household chemical agents. With a disciplined testing methodology, four metals were exposed to twelve agents by means of three techniques. Within a limited time period, reactions were observed, resulting in an extensive collection of hybrid materials. Future Remnants aims to demonstrate on a small scale what could happen or is in fact already happening, on a large scale in the landscape.

New Material Award


Future Remnants

VEEM, 3rd Floor


The New Material Award introduces the designs of the future. The biennial award challenges visual artists, designers, and architects to use new materials and innovative techniques. The resulting designs will contribute to a better and more sustainable society.
From all the submissions a committee of experts selected fifteen designs. The jury has announced the two winners at the opening of the exhibition on 20 October in Eindhoven: Eric Klarenbeek & Dros feat. Atelier LUMA and Basse Stittgen. In April 2019 the selected designs will be exhibited during Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan.

Crafts Coucil NL


Future Remnants 2.0

VEEM, 2nd floor


The results of my masterclass Making & Metal at Smederij Cornelis Pronk are exhibited with Crafts Council NL. Three metals were directly cast into seven different chemicals. Go see the result as a sneak peek into new work!

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