Seasynthesis — Sound Installation

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وأوصت تقرأ Seasynthesis is an immersive seascape of sound that aims to provide access to the تجارة الاسهم عن طريق النت North Sea through listening. فوركس كوم

مصدر مفيد Seasynthesis — Photo by Hanneke Wetzer / MU Artspace

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jobba hemma arbetsmiljö The North Sea is one of the busiest seas in the world. Freight carriers, oil and gas drilling,fishing, sand winning — we exploit this continental flat as if it has never been reclaimed by the ocean. But even though we have designed efficient methods to harvest resources, the North Sea still remains a hostile environment to man, with very limited access. Mainly operating from the surface, we have little knowledge about the effects of our activities below the waves.

انتقل إلى هذا الموقع Seasynthesis is an ongoing research project that aims to provide access to the North Seathrough listening. As sound travels five times faster through water compared to air, we gain a valuable understanding of the activity of both man, aquatic life and the planet, over a vast distance. Recording days on end, the first soundscapes provide an immense amount of data that is still being analyzed. In the shape of ambient noise, they tell us about earthquakes hundreds of kilometers away, weather patterns and the ever flowing movement of water molecules. But predominantly, the recordings give us insight into the vast amount of sound man is creating in the North Sea, raising questions about the effect of sound intensity and frequency vibration on this place of the wild.

موقع رائع In a first effort to interpret the data, one recording file of 2.30 hours is translated into an immersive 8-channel composition, enabling man to transpose himself temporarily into the aquatic environment of the North Sea.

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لماذا لا معرفة المزيد Marine traffic on the North Sea, on a random day at a random time. 

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اكتشاف هنا Commissioned by IMARES for the Bio Art & Design Award 2017, in collaboration with sea research institute NIOZ.

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