Genesis — Bio Artistic Research


An ongoing research project into the coloring proporties, characteristics and behaviour of extremophiles. 


Geothermal hotspring, Iceland 2016

Within the ongoing research project Genesis, I am studying the color 
properties of extremophiles, microbes that can survive or even thrive under extreme conditions. These life forms can be traced back millions of years, and are speculated to be the earliest forms of life on the planet. Their robustness and stability, even in environments as unforgiving as space, suggest they are likely the first sort of extraterrestrial life we expect to one day discover.

By sampling fluids from volcanic hot springs and high saline ponds during research trips to Iceland and France, I managed to isolate several strains that produce pigments. At the moment, I am conducting the next step in my research: attempting to master and influence the pigment production, eventually hoping to induce a full color change in the microbes. With Genesis, I am hacking the origin of life, ultimately questioning who is in control.

Genesis [research] will be on show at the BAD Award exhibition Fluid Matter at MU Artspace
2 December 2016 – 26 Februari 2017

Genesis [research]  is made possible by Waag Society and MU Artspace
Microbiological research in collaboration with Federico Muffatto

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