Colors of the Oosterschelde — Bio Design Research

, A research into the dye proporties of seaweed and algae in textiles.

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هنا In the Oosterschelde area, a Dutch coastal zone sheltered from the Northsea by a storm surge barrier, I collected more than twenty different species of seaweed to experiment with. This resulted in over 400 samples of colored fabric and yarn. Using seaweed as a resource has the advantage of it growing fast without using agricultural land. And by cultivating it in the sea, it could significantly contribute to balance out CO2 levels in the water.  Since the experiments were part of a collaboration with textile designer Nienke Hoogvliet, who is researching the use of algae as a base for sustainable yarn or textile, the aim was to find a proper sustainable alternative to harmful textile dyes. However my personal interest mainly goes out to the coloring proporties of living matter, in this case seaweed and algae. Fueled by the immense diversity in colors that came out of the experiments, the versatility of the material and the unique environment in which it grows, I am continuing my research into this direction.

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انظر في هذا This project was made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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Find more images of the exhibition at هذا الرابط Dutch Design Week 2015

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مباشر للاسهم Exhibition view at Dutch Design Week 2015


انظر هذا الموقع Colors of the Oosterschelde Colors of the Oosterschelde Colors of the Oosterschelde Colors of the Oosterschelde Colors of the Oosterschelde

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