Xandra van der Eijk (MMus, Netherlands, 1985) graduated from the Interfaculty ArtScience at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, after graduating from Graphic Design (BA) at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Van der Eijk investigates natural processes and elements, where the concept of time is a recurring theme. Through many experiments and thorough theoretical research these processes develop in conceptual works with a strong visual component. She documents and describes, but never fails to allow space for poetry.

Van der Eijk received the Paul Schuitema-prize in 2008 and was nominated for the STRP Talent Pit Award, BLOOOM Award and Bio Art & Design Award. She participated in many exhibitions and has had some important publicity – a selection of both is mentioned below. Momentum, her debut, was amongst others shown at V2_ , at the Marrakech Biennial exhibition ‘On geometry and speculation’ and at Gramolna Museum during Meta.Morf Biennale. Her latest bio-art installation ‘Estuary’ was commissioned by MU Artspace for the exhibition Fluid Matter, curated by Angelique Spaninks and William Myers. 

I Wait Here

Conceptual design and applied art initiative

Van der Eijk founded I Wait Here in 2013.

I Wait Here highly values research based, conceptual projects and products from emerging designers and artists. By providing individual project support I Wait Here creates space for the designers and artists to make new work. I Wait Here primarily offers professional artistic coaching, business support and project management. Day to day activities include writing grant proposals, analyzing artistic work and advise on business choices. In addition, Van der Eijk curates and produces exhibitions and presentations. Through I Wait Here, Van der Eijk hopes to make a valuable contribution to both the career of likeminded colleagues and the field of design and art in general.


Dutch Invertuals Harvest D’Days Paris, Musée des Arts Décoratifs – As Above, So Below
Dutch Invertuals Harvest Milan – As Above, So Below
MU Artspace BAD Award / Fluid Matter – Estuary, Genesis research
DesignKwartier 2016 A Dutch Auction – Curator
Dutch Design Week 2015
DesignKwartier 2015 The Archeology Department – Curator
I Wait Here Common Ground – Curator
DesignKwartier 2014 I Wait Here Presents – Curator
Meta.Morf Art & Technology Biennale – Momentum
Gaudeamus Classical Music Festival – Momentum
DordtYart Art Residency – Momentum
Marrakech Biennale On Geometry And Speculation – Momentum
Scheltema In Movement Festival – Momentum
Rewire Festival – Momentum
LUMC Het Kunstlab Knowledge Festival – Momentum
Vonkel Gallery Lichting 11 – Momentum
V2_ Test Lab Graduation Edition – Momentum
Veenfabriek Deafening Silence Festival
Post Performance
Brakke Grond Theatre Project Perform
Post Performance
Zefir7 Class of 2008 – Modular Life
Designhuis Talent 2008 – Modular Life
Designweek Hong Kong – Modular Life


Paul Schuitema Prize 2008
STRP Talent Award 2011 honourable mention
BLOOOM Award 2012 nominee
D’Days Paris Design Battle 2017 second place


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