Dutch Invertuals X FranklinTill: Mutant Matter at Milan Design Week 2018

Design, Exhibition, Research April 10, 2018

I am happy to say I have developed new work for the upcoming exhibition Mutant Matter for Dutch Invertuals, this year co-curated with FranklinTill.

Mutant Matter
Humankind used to take the materials of nature offered
and make them into something new. Now, there’s a new stage in the cycle, as nature takes human materials and transforms them once more. The making materials of today become the mined resources of tomorrow. Plastics are written into the fossil record. Industrial waste steams decay into intriguing new substances. We have entered the Anthropocene era – a new geological age where human making has realigned the processes of nature, forever blurring the boundaries between the natural and the man-made.

Photography: Barbara Medo / Dutch Invertuals

Future Remnants

Human activity is responsible for the large-scale redistribution of matter, creating situations that lead to unintended and unexpected material reactions. Future Remnants explores the human influence on the evolutionary development of mineral formation.

More info soon!


Via Pastrengo, 12, 20159 Milano
Isola (Near Garibaldi station)

Opening hours
17 – 22 April
10:30am – 8pm (5pm on Sunday)

Press preview
Monday 16 April, 5pm

Wednesday 18 April, 4pm
Thursday 19 April, 4pm

Launch event
Friday 20 April, 7pm