Open Set Summer School 2016

Art, Design, Photography August 8, 2016

I was very happy to be accepted to Open Set Summer School 2016 with the generous support of Creative Industries Fund NL. Two weeks straight filled with workshops and lectures, by a fine selection of the most inspiring artists and designers in the field today. The group was as diverse as the program, with me being the only Dutch attendee. International relations were being explored, one of which led up to a new collaboration for Dutch Design Week 2016.

I attended workshops/lectures by Abake & Sebastiaan de Groes, Joanna van der Zanden, Studio Dumbar – Liza Enebeis, Bruno Setola & Rejane dal Bello, Thought Collider, Bik van der Pol, Paul Soulellis, Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries and Rick Poynor & Els Kuijpers.